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These are national Television Spots that Terry has produced for the TCT Christian Television network and are currently airing nationally and internationally on the TCT network, Sky Angel, Direct TV, and Dish.










Terry and Cindy has appeared  nationally on TCT's program, Rejoice!





Here's what some are saying about our program...

"Terry's TV spots are awesome. The right blend of entertainment and message. It's extremely difficult to do that kind of thing and not everyone can do it successfully. He has managed to weave the message into the trick without going overboard in either the "preachy" or "magic trick" directions. "
Tony Brent,  Outta Control Magic Show Orlando

"Just looked at your site...looks great! ... your media spots...all very favorite was the P B & J message"
Cody S Fisher, professional magician

"I am very impressed with the TV spots. The ability to take an effect and use it for a message with just 30 seconds of time is amazing" 
Joseph Young
, 5 time award winning magician

    "I think you do a great job.  Everything is well thought out and delivered.  You do very well. Being able to talk to the camera, recall information, and function with an illusion is great.  Not too many people can pull that off as smoothly as you do"
Thomas Clark
, professional magician/actor

    "great stuff for the kids, well done" - John Archer, professional comedian/magician

"great routine...even better message!...keep it up" - Justin Kredible, professional Magician

"Thank you for taking the time to send me this video. I love to see my invention in action, you perform it well. Thank you very much"
Sean Bogunia, Inventor/professional magician 

"Terry's videos are clear, skilful, and give a short sharp effective Christian message, without waffle! Well done" - Terry Lawton, Christian Magician

"Greetings Terry -... I've popped across to look at your website and am impressed with the way you have 'boiled down' (without watering down) the three routines" - Elwyn Harries, VP Fellowship of Christian Magicians in the UK

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